WARNING: The following contains information that may not be suitable for anyone with interests outside the realm of competitive sports. In other words, if you're not a sports super-geek, proceed only with extreme caution. Bracketology (or even a vague understanding of it) is NOT a prerequisite for full participation in the Bunganello Olympiad.

The Bunganello Olympiad will consist of 5 simultaneously running tournaments. (Four-Square "heats" will also be running concurrently.) Each tournament will be comprised of 32 Olympians, and will be of a SINGLE ELIMINATION format. (If you lose once, you're out! However, a 3rd place game will be played in each tournament to determine "Championship Points.")

As participants arrive at the Bunganello, they will be equitably and randomly placed onto one of 8 teams, each of which will be comprised of 4-8 members. Each team, or "Nation," will submit 4 of its members to each of the 6 Olympiad events.

After being assigned to a particular Nation, each Olympian will then choose 3-4 events in which to participate, and write his/her name into the appropriate tournament brackets. Once all participants have arrived and the teams are formed, each Nation will collectively decide which of their members will fill out their remaining slots in all 6 events.


  • Tournament brackets will be constructed to guarantee that members of the same team will not match-up against each other any earlier than the quarter-finals.
  • The number of events in which each Olympian participates will be determined by the size of the Nations. (If there are 4 people on each team, or 32 total Olympians, each team member will participate in all 6 events. If there are as many as 8 on a team, or 64 total Olympians, each team member will participate in 3 events.)

Players will win "Championship Points" based on how far they advance in each tournament. Points will be awarded in the following manner:

Tournament Champion -- 12 pts.

Runner-up -- 9pts.

3rd Place -- 6 pts.

4th Place -- 3 pts.

5th thru 8th Place -- 1 pt.

The Nation that accumulates the most Championship Points through both the tournaments and the Four-Square heats will be crowned Bunganello Olympic Champions. The Olympian who acquires the highest point total after all events will be awarded the Bunganello Cup as the overall Olympic Champion.


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