Washers game rules and manner of play vary widely depending on who you ask. Olympiad Washers will adhere to the rules below. For an in-depth explanation, go to http://www.thewasherboardco.com/game-rules.php.

Points are scored by tossing washers into the holes. The closest hole from each player counts as 1 point, middle hole 2 points, third hole 3 points. First player to score 21 without going over wins the game.

When pitching washers, toe or foot must be on edge of the board, or back from the edge of the board. Toe cannot be over the edge of the board. Player can stand anywhere on the board.

Players always shoot towards same board.

To determine starting player, each player will throw a washer at board from each side. Player whose washer lands closest to the 3 point hole may choose to throw first, or choose to have the other side throw first.

Starting player will throw three washers. Points are added for all holes made.

Player 2 throws washers. If player 2 gets a washer in a hole that player 1 has made, the point for player 1 is cancelled (this is called covering, see special notes).

Player 2 does not get the points for this hole, unless he or she makes another washer in the hole again.

A player cannot go over 21 points. If player goes over 21 points on a throw, then player must subtract the points made on that throw from his score.