Olympiad Tetris is a competitive version of the classic Nintendo game. Your ability to make different four-block shapes fit together will again be put to test. But this time, you.ll be playing side by side against an opponent.

The screen is divided into two "tetris boards," which resemble the familiar game. Each competitor plays on his/her respective side. This time, though, each player has a little man that runs back and forth across the top of the placed blocks, and cannot be directly controlled. To make things even more interesting, the spiked ceiling gets lower and lower as more blocks are placed. You can win a round of Tetris in one of two ways: 1) Get rid of enough lines to get your little man to the bottom of the screen before your opponent does the same; or 2) Have your opponent's spiked ceiling crush his/her little man against the placed blocks. Now, what really makes it fun is this: Every time you get more than one line at a time, you send those lines to your opponent's side, bumping his/her blocks (and little man) closer to the descending ceiling. That's right....GAME ON.

A Tetris match will consist of a best-of-3 series of games, which will each in turn consist of a best-of-7 series of rounds. In other words, the first player to win four rounds, wins the game. The first player to win two games, wins the match, and advances to the next round of the tournament.